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Pediatric Services

Well Child Care

Seeing children and parents at regular intervals is important in maintaining your child’s health, evaluating growth and development, discussing safety, nutrition and behavior, and answering questions.

During many well visits, tests are administered and vaccines are given.

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Sick Child Care

We are here to help if you think your child may be ill. We offer online tools and resources to help you learn more about childhood illnesses. Medicine dosage charts help you administer the correct dose of medicine for your child. In addition, you'll find information about our After Hours care partner.

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Chronic Conditions

If your child has a chronic, ongoing situation we may need to schedule a longer, consultation type appointment. Examples: headaches, stomach problems, behavior concerns, new patient with a chronic illness (asthma, diabetes). Please leave a message for our advice line to call you back and discuss the situation so we can book the appointment appropriately.


Newborn Services

Testing & Laboratory Services

Referrals to Specialists

We can help you find a specialist and/or an outside testing facility and will work closely with them to care for your child's needs. Our practitioners will help you decide when a specialist or outside testing is necessary. Depending on the situation you can discuss your needs with your practitioner when you are in the office, or you may want to call and discuss the situation with our triage staff.

It is your responsibility to know if you need a referral and the time requirements. Most insurance cards have the information on the back of the card or a phone number you can call to find out the information. We need a week to obtain non-urgent referrals and will obtain emergency room referrals within the time period you specify.

If you go to the emergency room, please call our office on the first business day following the ER visit and ask us to obtain the referral, or visit the patient portal to request a referral online. The practitioners on-call do not keep track of calls for referral purposes.