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Patient Privacy

Medical Records Release

Your child’s medical records are maintained with strict adherence to patient confidentiality laws.  You may, with a written, signed request, obtain copies of your child’s medical records. Whether the copy is for you or for another physician we will forward the records, a reasonable number of times, at no charge. We usually require 10 business days notice to prepare your records.

If you are moving, we recommend you pick up your records and take them to your new physician.


Form Policy

At some point you will likely require a form to be completed for your child. We request that you bring these forms to your child's well visit, and we will be happy to complete them free of charge with the exception of Katie Beckett forms. However, any form (other than Katie Beckett forms) submitted at other times will require a payment of $10 per form at the time of the request. Due to the complexity of Katie Beckett forms there will now be a $25 fee. This fee does NOT apply to 3231 immunization forms, allergy or asthma action plans, medication forms, state required forms, and insurance required forms.

Please allow us 3-5 business days. Once completed, we can have the forms available for you to pick up at the office or we can return the forms to you by mail (with a self addressed stamped envelope), by fax or by electronic format (written consent required).